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For the love of Bell Helmets

I have been a motorcycle enthusiast since a teenager having taken part in competitive motorcycle racing all my life. From foot-ups to enduro like the Roof of Africa Rally. Desert 1000 and many more. I love track racing and recently competed in the South African TT racing in the Classic Superbike Class as well as racing Super Singles also known as Super Mono racing a 500 Yamaha at the Killarney Racing Circuit.

I am also a classic racing bike fan.There is something about them that gets me excited every time I see one. I have owned many Bell helmets over the years and swear by them. They are designed to meet and exceed the toughest performance standards because we need to take care of the peanut and ultimately save lives. 

More Champions in all forms of racing have worn Bell Helmets than any other brand.This is only one of the reason why I promote and sell bell helmets.

Bell made its first production helmet in 1954. It was the result of months of research and development. Richter, with the help of veteran naval pilot Frank Heacox, reverse engineered numerous helmets, including some used in military aviation. Heacox played a key role in developing Bell Helmet's first products, most importantly by using the helmets himself, both in races and on the street. These experiences with the prototypes led to many useful suggestions.

That first helmet, named the Bell 500, featured a polyurethane foam liner inside a hand-laminated fiberglass outer shell. Laminating and polishing helmets by hand was relatively expensive but Richter believed it resulted in a stronger helmet.

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