Ebikes have a positive environmental impact and improve mobility

Electric bikes, otherwise known as eBikes

, can be ridden by men, women, senior citizens, kids, and perhaps people who have been plagued by minor injuries. Also perfect for first time riders.

If you have not had a chance to ride one yet, here is a little more information about electric bikes. Ebikes are like pedal powered bicycles but what makes them unique is a small electric motor, one that can give you either a gentle momentum boost or enough power to overcome almost any hill, powered by the motor and assisted partly by pedaling. Ebikes are available in various configurations like pedal assist and on-demand throttles. They are used for both recreation and commuting.

One of the best things about eBikes

 is that you can decide on how much effort you would like to propel yourself forward by either pedaling like crazy, doing all the work, or letting the electric drive assist solve your need for more motion and speed. Pedal assist controls how much power the motor generates. It does not move the bike by itself, but it does get up and go behind your pedaling.

They are a healthy alternative for transport and an easy way of getting around. Using alternative travel such as powered transporters for shorter journeys, should reduce reliance on cars, are sustainable, will ultimately reduce carbon emissions and provide a benefit to the environment. Great for getting outdoors for some fresh air and exercise, going down to the supermarket for daily errands or just having fun. Who does not mind a little help uphill now and again?

The majority of ebike batteries

 have about 800 to 1000 charging life cycles which equates to about 4 to 5 years of use. They are mostly Lithium power and take about 3 to 4 hours to fully charge. Ebikes will usually reach a range of about 60 to 80 km’s on a single full charge. This will also be dependent on how the battery is cared for. Most eBikes

 have a top speed of around 25 km/h however there are many model derivatives to decide on if you want something with more power. Please keep in mind what your country bylaws are. 

 Ebikes require servicing like regular bicycles. We recommend a minimum service interval period of at least once annually for a full service and a six-monthly safety check. They require a lot less maintenance than say a car or a motorcycle and way more affordable.

There is a bike for anyone form city bikes

, folding bikes

 to mountain bikes

. Make sure they come with a warranty on major components. Some suppliers also give a warranty on the battery. Be sure to ask.

I hope that this information has given you a little more information and an insight into electric bikes.

Start getting out there and enjoy the freedom these wonderful machines can offer you.



My Bike encourage the use of personal protective equipment like helmets, elbow and knee guards and safety jackets should always be worn. Please ensure that you are sufficiently trained and familiar with how to operate your Easy Bike before heading out on any public roads. Government literature review has identified several benefits that are offered by powered transporters, such as having a positive environmental impact and improving mobility. For more information on legislation visit your countries Road Safety Authority.