Father’s Day Gifts - See Your Dad More Often

Father’s Day is going to be a little different for many families out there who are perhaps still in lock-down or who don’t live nearby their families. Why not get him an e-bike or get one for both of you so that you can be close or spend quality time together.

Those of us who celebrate Father’s Day can find ways to do so that are both fun and safe, despite the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Here are a few gift ideas.

Get something matching if you or your dad are already cyclists. Like a Cool Bell Helmet . Matching colours.

Or a great bicycle handlebar or saddle bag by Rhinowalk


Dads are usually pretty easy to please, right? They tend to be somewhat easy going, they like to have fun, and enjoy some form of sports, or at least that’s the way we often think of them. So if this sounds at all familiar, what would put a smile on the face of the father in your life?

How about one of these?

Electric folding mountain bike with fat tyres

There’s nothing like riding a bike to bring back that feeling of doing some good for your body. It provides a great way to get some cardio, and riding is a delight of its own and great fun like no other. But, given that he’s perhaps not the physically fit specimen he once was, he may welcome a bit of help along the way to regaining what may have been his former cycling reign.

Or perhaps something a little more old school like this:

Greaser Retro Style Electric Bike 


Another option to get onto the trails nearby.

All terrain electric bike 350 W 

  Extrbici 48V 750W Electric Mountain Bike 26inch Fat Tire e-Bike


So whether your father prefers the fitness of pedaling on the pavement or finding enjoyment on a less beaten track, a new electric bike is sure to please. It will rekindle the flame for rolling on two wheels and is sure to get dad or yourself on the right track to fitness and fun.

View a few more electric bikes here

Happy Fathers Day to all the dads out there!