Captivating CAKE Kalk - A Series of Street & Off-Road Electric Motorcycles





CAKE is a Swedish company that grew out of a passion for high-quality performance products, welcomes respect and sustainability and recognizes that electric drives will turn much of what made motorcycles upside down. The category of light electric motorcycles with an electric drivetrain, which drastically reduces weight compared to a comparable combustion engine, supports lively journeys as well as easy handling in the city, increases the driving experience immensely due to the almost complete silence. CAKE wants to inspire people and help accelerate the path to an emission-free society, combining passion with responsibility.

CAKE Kalk OR - Off-road version

The Kalk OR is engineered to promote performance, trail/enduro and free riding in the back country, leaving nothing to chance. The kinematics, size and geometry together with precision construction and careful use of materials, make for an agile, light, torquey and exciting experience


CAKE stands for no compromise: from the frame to the wheels, components, suspension and drive train, everything has been specially developed and manufactured to achieve the desired level of driving performance, durability and overall quality. Light, clean and quiet. All bikes are designed to promote performance, trail / enduro and freeriding in the city and in the country. The kinematics, size and geometry as well as construction, use of materials, manufacture and much more ensure an agile, light, easy to turn, nimble and exciting experience. To simplify, also maintenance, the motorcycle was built in a modular approach, with the aim of reducing the number of moving parts and minimizing complexity.

CAKE Kalk& - Street legal

The new street legal Kalk& is engineered for the outback & for your daily commute.


Battery cells have certainly been an issue of unsustainable processes so far. But performance will increase rapidly over the years as new technologies are introduced. 


18650 lithium cells
51.8 Volt
50 Ah
2.6 kWh

3-4h+ battery range - Enduro or active trail riding. 1-2 h riding time


The increasing demand for batteries as well as the pursuit of better performance and in particular more sustainable solutions accelerate the development. CAKE batteries can be replaced on all models during operation. So when a new battery standard from CAKE is introduced, it can be used for current motorcycles of previous generations.

Outstanding quality

42 Nm peak torque on shaft / 280Nm on wheel

To simplify maintenance and increase use and excitement, the bike is built in a modular way like LEGO, with the ambition of reducing the number of moving parts and minimize complexity.

 Awesome ergonomics

Aerospace grade 7075 aluminium stem with integrated dashboard.Limited speed to 45 km/h

Here are a few examples:
If a drivetrain part malfunctions that whole part can be replaced. The rear sprocket is large due to the use of direct drive, which reduces the number of moving parts, yet still produces amazing levels of torque. The bike itself can be serviced just like a bicycle.

The Kalk series is the first electric motorcycle model from CAKE. The focus was on off-road performance and innovation. The lightweight Stromer is heavily influenced by enduro and MTBs in terms of geometry, suspension, posture, components and handling. 

Motorcycle standard, four pistons callipers, alloy levers and 220 mm/3.2 mm stainless steel rotors

Ohlins suspension

205 mm. Öhlins TTX22 with CAKE internals and specific spring. Designed with linkage for best performance

Since there was nothing off-the-shelf for this category, every single component had to be developed to ensure the intended quality and durability. Numerous patents have been registered, but countless design awards have also been won. 

The most fun you can have with your helmet on!




The manufacture also has a utility version 

 CAKE Ösa Lite Versatile Electric Motorcycle

The Ösa Lite is an electric and modular utility moped that is street legal and has off-road capabilities. A work bench & power station on wheels. it comes in two versions Ösa Lite and Ösa +

In 2020 the Ösa model, which is more practical than beautiful, will be launched in two versions and over 1,000 configuration options. The CAKE Ösa is based on the diversity of our working world and different needs to provide new means of transport for an emission-free future. The CAKE Ösa Lite is a transport Stromer with max. 45 km / h, i.e. moped approval, the CAKE Ösa + is a real electric motorcycle up to 100 km / h and street approval. Virtually everything can be transported using modular luggage rack boxes. 


CAKE wants to be different, not only in development but also in the way they sell electric motorcycles.


These high quality electric motorcycles are available from Bad & Bold You can obtain more info and order directly from the suppliers site here.



Makes off-road riding a silent exhilarating joy